What are the monthly dues and how is the money allocated and used?

The dues are $450.00 per month.  The dues may be paid on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, and is it preferred that you establish an auto check payment or bill pay system to assure promptness and efficiency.

The money is allocated for two (2) major expenditures.  The first is the operation and maintenance of the facility.  The second major fund is the Capital Expenditure Fund, and those funds are used to improve, replace, or repair all capital expenditures such as parking lots, piers, roof replacements, etc.

Where do my guests park their vehicles?

Visitor parking is made available in the Parking Area to the Northeast side of the Condos.  Please respect the Rules and Regulations, found on this website, regarding parking of extra vehicles.

How do I get my Mail and Paper?

Each unit is assigned a U.S. postal box located on the outside of the Front Gate.  If you desire delivery of a newspaper, arrangements must be made by the unit holder to have the paper delivered to a common newspaper box provided outside the gate, or to take delivery via the U.S. Postal Service. Your U.S. postal box key should be provided by your Real Estate Agent from the previous owner.  If you do not get such a key, you should contact the U.S. Post Office for a replacement, or if necessary, a second key.

What do I do with my garbage?

The Spink has two (2) conveniently-located dumpsters as receptacles for garbage generated by homeowners.  The first is located at the East end of the property near the entrance gate, inside a separate chain link fence area.  The second is located at the West end of the property near the perimeter fence, again inside a chain link fence area.  Garbage is collected from the dumpsters on a weekly basis, now scheduled on Wednesday of each week.

Do we have a recycling system at the Spink?

At this time we do not have a property-wide recycling system.  If you wish to recycle aluminum, glass, cardboard and paper, there are facilities located in the Syracuse city limit to allow you to deposit your recyclables.

Can I get Cable TV and Dish?

Cable TV, thru Mediacomm, Inc., and Dish, through Dish Network, are available in the Spink building.  You can subscribe to basic or premium service from either or both of them as you desire.  All costs incurred for these services should be billed directly to you from the supplier you select.

How do I get Internet access?

If you have Cable TV or Dish Network, internet access is available for purchase through those organizations.  It may also be purchased through the local telephone supplier.  All costs incurred for these services should be billed directly to you from the supplier you select.

Where am I allowed to use my grill and prepare outside meals?

All first floor units have a patio outside of their respective condo unit to be used at the discretion of the homeowner.  For 2nd and 3rd floor homeowners, there is a Common grilling area just to the Southeast of the building structure.  This area provides a grill, a refrigerator, a bar area with running water, and an ice maker.  As in the case of all common areas, it is intended for the use of all the homeowners and their guests.  Please use common courtesy in the use, sharing, and cleaning of the common areas.

If you prefer, you may also use your garage area to grill outside.

What is the building near the Main Front Gate?

The building near the front gate is a common area which is shared by all homeowners.  Inside the building are some basic tools and a workbench, supplied by various homeowners.  You may feel free to add to the tools now available and feel free to use the tools as you need them.  Please remember these are privately-owned tools, so use them properly, maintain and clean them, and return them to their storage area when you are finished using them.

Do we have access to The Spink Storage Unit facility?

There are large storage units for boats and other recreational vehicles occasionally available to the homeowners of the Spink.  They are located just north of the railroad tracks on Bishop Road, just to the East and North of the Spink Property.  These units are periodically offered for purchase from previous owners, and as a Spink homeowner, you will be invited to join in the bidding process on the facilities available.  There is room for future additional storage units to be constructed, but there are no immediate plans for such construction.  Membership in the Spink Storage Unit Association is required after purchasing a storage unit.

How do I get a Boat Slip?

Each unit has one (1) boat slip assigned for their personal use with the ownership of their unit.  Please see “Pier Assignment for Boats” to determine the location of your slip.

If you wish to have additional Boat Slips or a Personal Water Craft (PWC) Slip, they are available for a cost of $300.00 per year for each additional Boat Slip, and $175.00 per year for each PWC slip, this includes putting your PWC lifts in the water each spring in their proper location and removing them in the fall.  Contact the Board of Directors to obtain locations for additional slips.

Where can I store a Kayak or a Paddleboard?

Racks are provided for kayaks and paddleboard’s at a cost of $100 per year for each kayak and each paddleboard. Reservations are required to use the racks. Contact the board to obtain rack locations.

Where do I get a boat lift and who takes care of it?

All boat and PWC lifts are owned by the homeowner and are the responsibility of the homeowner.  For purchase, annual installation and annual removal of lifts, see the Web Site under Service Vendors.  All costs incurred for these services should be billed directly to you from the supplier you select.

Do I have to do anything concerning Pier installation and removal?

All of the boat piers are the responsibility of the Homeowners Association.  Any design, installation, and removal is facilitated by the Board of Directors.  Any special design or application wanted for your personal use, either on the boat or the PWC piers must have Board approval prior to installation and are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Can I remodel my unit as I want?

You must submit a Remodeling Request Form and obtain approval before beginning any remodeling of your unit. A Remodeling Request Form can be found on this web site under, “forms”.

Any interior changes are at the discretion of the owner, however, plans must be approved to assure the Association that the motif and integrity of the Spink Structure will not be compromised, and so that all applicable fire, water, and electrical safety precautions are complied with.  All units must install individual unit water shutoff valves if not already installed.  The owner must agree to comply with all City, County, and State laws and must obtain and post all necessary permits.

Can I rent-out or Lease my unit to other parties?

Renting or Leasing of units is prohibited.  You may allow guests to utilize your personal unit, but they are subject to all the rules and regulations of the Association.  The unit homeowner is responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.

Do we have a Maintenance Person or Property Manager at the Spink?

We do have a Property Manager at the Spink.  His name is Jim Beck and he is on the grounds frequently during the week.  He takes his instructions from the Board of Directors, not individual homeowners.  Jim does, however, provide many personal service to homeowners of a maintenance nature and can be contacted to do small projects as he deems appropriate.  Further, he provides a “unit watch” service for homeowners while their units may be unoccupied, at a nominal fee.  If you are leaving for an extended period of time, we request that you notify Jim so he can make periodic visits to your unit to assist in the prevention of any catastrophes, such as water leaks or threats of frozen pipes.  Jim can be contacted on the grounds, at jdbeck1@embarqmail.com, or at 574-457-6403.